Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Post Wherein You Disown Me and Promise Never To Visit My Blog Again!

Yesterday, some guy did this.

Before you go off and be all righteous parents, nay-doers and all that rubbish, let me tell you this.

Back in December of 1990, I had just given birth to a baby whale. Actually, it was my son Daniel but he was almost a 10 lb-er so I will call it like it was. He was a baby whale.

Anyway. Back to December. My ex-fiance had asked to see Nick for Christmas Day (he didn't know I had just given birth the week before to his other son Daniel - a long story I'll tell y'all about sometime) so my mum and I got Nick all packed up, dressed nicely, and we set off in the car to take him.

You know what's coming don't you?

About 10 minutes into our epic trip, my mum did an emergency stop that would have ensured her pass in a driving test. I was all "Whoa....... what's up?" and she just gave me a blank look.

"We forgot something"


I ran off a checklist in my head of everything we should have.
  • Nick
  • Clothes for Nick
  • Cards for Grandparents
  • Gas in the tank

"What did we forget?"

"Dan ring a bell?"

OMG! We broke the speed record getting back to the house, running lights, weaving in and out of traffic, you name it, we broke that law!

We finally get back to the house, run upstairs to find my big precious bundle of blubber - asleep. Oblivious to the fact that not only had we left him at the house - alone, but that I had apparently forgotten that someone that big had come out of .......well.... you get the picture.

My mum was all "We'll keep this between ourselves OK?"

Shit happens!

Mr Sander, you have my sympathy. I'm here for ya!

Don't tell me that you dear reader have never forgotten something? Maybe not a baby, but something?

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