Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh, to be a child for a day................

I have been angry lately.

So angry.

Pissed, furious and just flat out annoyed.

Not with you! But with Alltel my cell phone company. I know you are all thinking "Who doesn't get pissed off with their cell phone companies?" and I agree.

But oooooohhhhhhhhh............. *shakes fist*

In this day and age, why can't people just provide good customer service? Why can't people just do what they get paid for? Why do people tell you one thing and then do another? Why why why?

We bought new cell phones on Saturday, I got this beauty, and G got this lovely thing.


I have been back to the store 4 times since then. 4 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!! They either can't fix the picture taking thingy, or they get my plan mixed up, or they mess up the text package, or or or or...... You get the picture. (well, more than Alltel does put it that way!) I am even on an employee text plan because they have messed up so many times!

Anyway, I went in today for what I hope will be the final time and in the corner, I saw this mum with a small child.

It was awesome. "What was?" you say?

This small child (about two) was just throwing the biggest tantrum you have ever seen. The mum was trying to get her daughter to be quiet and the girl was just screaming "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo". The mum would pick her daughter up and try and get her to sit down and the child just went limp like a worm and slid off the chair. Everytime someone tried to sweet talk the girl she would just scream "Get awaaaaaaaaaaay" or "I haaaaaaaaate you".

Now I'm not saying I condone tantrums (I don't) but I was so jealous of this girl. I literally daydreamed, things went fuzzy, and I imagined my conversation with the Alltel manager going like this:

Me: "Fix my Phone Fix my Phone Fix my Phoooooooooooone"
Mgr: "ma'am, calm down please"
Me: "No I woooooooon't. I hate you" *stomps foot*
Mgr: "But ma'am?"
Me: "I want some candy and I want it now"
Mgr: "Huh?"
Me: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
Mgr to employee "Give her what she wants"

Do you have any idea how awesome it would be to spend an entire day as a child and not have anyone tell you to grow up? Just scream and sleep and throw things and get your own way while doing this?

It would be Frickin' awesome that's what!

I recently saw this on YouTube and this is EXACTLY how the girl was acting and how I want to act next time I don't get my own way or someone messes up.

THIS is how angry I have felt with Alltel. Maybe next time I go in (coz as much as I pretend there won't be one, there will be) I will act just this way. I'll keep you informed as to whether it works or not!

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