Thursday, January 19, 2006

"My Mother did whaaaat?" also titled "A few nice things in a sad sad time......."

As you know, I am here in the cold, cold UK arranging my Mum's Memorial Service. We want it to be a celebration of a life well lived, and it certainly seems she lived her life to the full!

While in the process of collecting photo's of my Mum from various relatives, old neighbors, friends etc., (I want a big display of all these pictures up front) I am apparently collecting their memories of my Mum too.

Today I spoke with a neighbor of my Grandad. Yes she still lives there and yes, she remembered my Mum fondly. Fondly enough that she remembered when she first caught my Mum (teenage) and dad together! Smooching (which is making out in the UK for you Yanks) no less and caught in the full beam of the neighbors headlights as they returned home, with my Mum then scurrying away! My mother!

The neighbor who had lived next to my Mum for over 20 odd years (people don't move often in the UK) told me stories of when me and my brothers used to run around her garden pond naked (no, times haven't changed much!!!!) with my Mum chasing us! My Mother!

I went to visit my Aunty Wyn, who, amongst other racy stories told me where and when I had been concieved! My Mother!

My Mums cousin, told me about when she used to babysit, and one night my Mum had bought some black patent leather platform shoes that she had decided to paint bright red with nail polish (You know what they say about Red Shoes don't you?), which, it turned out, later in the night had started to chip! My Mother!

All these stories and more are what is keeping me going through this whole ordeal. I don't think many of us think of our parents as having a life before us, never mind a life filled with all this grandeur and hilarity. I'm seeing my Mum through a whole new light and it is baffling, enlightening, touching, moving and just flat out amazing all at the same time.

Some time ago, I gave my Mum a book to fill in while she was going through Chemo, something to pass the time. I highly recommend it to anyone. While going through a painful ordeal, she could try and take her mind off it by remembering her past as a child, teenager, young adult etc., Hopefully it gave her some good thoughts - it did if the stories I've heard recently are anything to go by! I can't wait to pick the book up and start reading about her, hopefully to find out things I didn't already know! It is something to pass onto my kids who miss her madly.

According to my cousin and her Mum, MY mum apparently started writing a story too. This story was titled "Andrea's Story". She was writing all about me! I would LOVE to read what she was writing. Hopefully I will get the chance. Whether you all will is another story - no pun intended!

Basically, what I guess I'm trying to say through this post is that while it IS a sad, sad time, I'm getting through it and what's getting me through it are stories of my mother.

My mother!

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