Friday, January 06, 2006

Just as I was about to panic..............

There I was, like Old Mother Hubbard, yet instead of my cupboard being bare, it was my mind.

Empty of thoughts to post about, sounds of "is there anybody in there?" echoing around my noggin had me worried. I was ready to steal ideas from other blogs!

When, yep, you got it! Good old Mother Nature herself steps in to give me a hand! Imagine that!

Apparently, (and I don't want you all to panic here - I'm safe and sound), there was an EARTHQUAKE!


Last night!

I say apparently coz, I actually didn't feel a thing. I mean, sure, there was a rumbling around that time, but I thought it was either the curry I had just eaten or the cats fighting upstairs.

But no!

While I should have been doing this:

I was being like Beauty and doing this;

When I woke up to pictures hanging cockeyed, dust all over the furniture, wide open spaces where walls once stood, I just thought "It's about time the bloody cleaners came".

Not a thought entered my head that I was living in a danger zone, I wasn't wondering where FEMA was and why people looking like this were running down my street:

No. I was oblivious to all that was going on around me. Imagine that! Are you thinking the same as me, that perhaps I'm a tad stressed out, and that even an Earthquake of record breaking magnitude 2.8 can't get me out of of my slumber?

Methinks that would be an affirmative.

Some stress relief is in order. Anyone wanna come around and give me a massage?

I'm free whenever you are!

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