Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Drinking, again!

I have not stopped since I returned from the UK. I don't mean drinking (but I sorta kinda do actually), I mean I have just been busy!

I had to work on my first day back and a couple of the guys were going out for A DRINK or two after work. Get that? A DRINK or two. So of course, being all "one with with the boys" I said I'd go. FOR A DRINK.

4 hours later, after dancing and singing (trying) and plenty of this:


I was being given a ride home wherein everyone looked like this:


Yep. Bloody marvellous.

They were still looking like that the next morning.

and they were still looking like that when I got a call to fill in for someone's shift at work.

and when I finished work later that night? yep. Still seeing double.

But will this deter me from drinking?

Nope. Rasberry Vodka is just too nice a thing to give up.

Will the guys ever ask me to go out drinking again? Hopefully.

I am still in recovery mode so will be taking things easy for a bit, but if anyone fancies coming round for a drink, bring some Vodka and we'll have fun!

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