Friday, October 07, 2005

What do I do......?

when I have a husband and 3 kids that refuse to tidy up and do dishes (and by 'DO' I mean throw them in the dishwasher which, get this, is conveniently in the kitchen! The same room as the dirty dishes!), etc.,?

Sometimes I think "Screw it, I'll just leave it and see how long they go before realising that the shit ain't gonna clean itself!"

but we all know where that leads! Yep, once they have depleted the stock of dishes, them eating out of anything that even remotely will hold cereal and milk, and once there are no glasses, cups or mugs, drinking out of the cats bowl because, yes, as you guessed it, feeding the cat is way down on the list so the bowl always has room for water etc.,

That rules that option out.

Someone help me out here. What would you do?

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