Friday, September 23, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Well, I am back from my trip to Vegas and thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute. As everyone knows, the saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", so I won't be doing a day-by-day blog of the entire trip, merely a perusal if you like!

Here goes!

Quotes heard while in Vegas:
  • "Nipples like door knockers"
  • "She did what? Where? I'll never eat there again!"
  • "My little Johnson"
  • "I hope there is no photographic evidence of last night!"
  • "Sorry, no swimming in there now for the rest of the trip!"
  • "Are you OK?"
  • "Holy shit!"
  • "I do"
Brief snippets of what happened while in Vegas:
  • Suffered turbulence (enough that I honestly thought I was going to die!)
  • Saw Cirque du Soleil (to catch a snippet of this, see here)
  • Met an odd Hungarian guy called George (who wore sunglasses at night - how bizarre)
  • Met a skateboarder called Ryan/Mike/Greg
  • Ran away from a guy called Chris
  • One member of our group got married to another guy called George
  • We lusted after Luis
  • Got drunk continuously on my new favorite drink (Rasberry Vodka and 7-up)
  • Met Robert Wagner (who bought us a drink at a Poker Table)
  • Walked for miles
  • Lost money gambling (it was Vegas after all)
  • Visited the 'Pure' nightclub (partly owned by Celine Dion/Shaquille O'Neal and a bunch of other celebs) and it was shit!
  • Sent Michael a little something for not meeting him and messing up the dates!
  • and as I said above, enjoyed ourselves most of the time.
Lots of other things happened but:
  • I can't remember them quite frankly though I'm sure they will pop up in my head at inopportune moments and I shall laugh/snort and giggle quote possibly during an important meeting of some sort!
  • They are things that shouldn't be repeated!
Here, are a couple of pics for you to enjoy! (click to make bigger)

LVB Some Grand Canyon-y type thing! Me between the legs of some big guy! Do these shoes have Vegas written all over them or what????? The lights of Vegas

Me out at dinner Gerry doing what you 'do' in Vegas Me and Buffy! Yep, that's me in the white! A scary arsed ride at the Stratosphere

Deana and Gerry on the Elephant The Vegas White Man walk Me and John, getting it on! And Billy cried 'More! more! more! The Excalibur Hotel

If you want to see more, check out my slideshow here!

and that my friends, is that, as they say! I'm so totally going next year! Wanna come with me?

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