Thursday, July 07, 2005

You sucked me in!!!!!!

I can't believe you guys sucked me in.

There is absolutely totally and utterly nothing on TV tonight. So I thought, "what the ........, I'll try, TRY, TRY and watch this Big Brother thing you all talk about".

So I did/am, and I am leaning more towards wishing I didn't/hadn't. I am sucked in big style.

I HATE HATE HATE people already (and I'm trying to be so nice) but here are a couple of people that have my attention and for the following reasons:

Michael - A complete and utter hottie, who sculpts. He can sculpt me ANY DAY!


April - or is it Phoebe?.......... Whiny and so prim and proper girly I wanna smack her up side the head!


Beau - The token gay guy! "He's one of the girls as far as I'm concerned"...... (quoting the fireman) .


Howie - Dumb as a box of rocks...... This guy is an idiot, and thinks he's a hottie but he isn't. God, every time he opens his mouth I want to shove a pillow down his throat, and sit on him till he stops moving. His one chat up line - for you ladiiieeeeees out there "Are those space pants? Coz your ass is outta this world". Now, you want to fight me for that pillow?


Keysar - An Iraqui guy who already has played the 'race'card. God, people of color, get over it. Sometimes if you are anything other than white, you can appear more racist. And it drives me mad. Keysar - take a note. Don't be all "Oh, I'll get voted off first coz I'm Muslim, an Iraqui and blah blah blah....." I'd vote you off just for bloody whining about it.


So there you have it folks. If you are sick of hearing about BB6? See the people I mentioned in the first sentence and shout at them.

Otherwise, I'll see you next Wednesday 8pm sitting in front of my TV.

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