Monday, July 11, 2005

What we got up to today.......

Well, with my mum being here and all, I thought I had better take her out of my house and entertain her somewhat (she cannot live in the house for a fortnight - as much as she likes it!)

Anyway, we didn't do anything this morning, just watched TV (the King and I) and discussed old movies, then we went to the mall.

You know I'm not a mall person right?

Well, the kids went in one direction and we went in another. (the only kind of shopping I'll do!) Our first port of call was to this fabulous place (Stella - your pink 'goodies' were from here!). We needed some stuff engraving and they told me I had $60 worth of vouchers totalled (I KNOW I have spent them before but if they tell me other-wise then I'll 're-spend' it!) and I did! I bought myself this :


and got it monogrammed too! How Bryanboy is that? I'm sure the store will figure it out sooner or later! But still, it's lovely isn't it? Can you so see me in this? I can!

Then we went to another of my favorite places! A candle store. Anyone out there that owns a candle store? Two things.
  1. I'll accept any job you have just to smell nice smells like that all day!
  2. Please, don't EVER, EVER make another candle that smells like Buttery Mashed Potatoes.
Now I like Candles. I even LOVE Buttery Mashed Potatoes. But not an amalgamation.

Never will.

Don't do it.

Then we wandered around a bunch of clothes stores and this is where I lost my rag!

Did you know that aside from Sears, JC Penneys and other 'blah' stores, no other store carries clothes a size 16 or higher?

Now, it's already bad enough that the Americans increased the UK sizes by two. (What is a 12 in the UK is a 14/16 in the US)



Coz I really didn't feel big enough already!

But then, they make you feel ten times the size you are (and I'm not small) by looking at you like you have lost your mind when you enter their store with the anorexic staff.

And don't even GET me started on shoes.


I am a rather demure (Yes, I said DEMURE as in DAINTY) size 6 in the UK. But come here to the Good Ol' US of A and I'm a staggering (like that analogy?) size 9! A BLOODY 9! Stella, I'm searching for those shoes for you in your size! Blame the Yanks!

They have a fabulous store called Lane Bryant where I CAN get a nice sized 14 and today I bought myself these items (but the top was in white):


Lovely! Then we had non-authentic fish and chips from Arthur Treachers (English Folk - don't. Ever!)

and then we came home - passing by one of these fabulous places :


Yep. A drive thru liqour store. Imagine! For two bottles of possibly crappy white wine, to be drunk later while watching a DVD - as yet to be determined.

That was our day! We had fun - at least I think my mum did anyway.

Oh, a surprise for you guys! My mum will be doing a guest post at some point during the fortnight she is here! Can you even bear to wait? (and she does read all your comments and is loving them!! - keep them up!)

and a quick note? Remember I bought those new scales? They store your info, goal weight, track your progress etc., Well, I have lost 6 pounds 6 oz in a week! How brilliant is that?



*shuffles calloused feet to sofa to eat more ice-cream*

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