Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wanna be in my gang?

As you know, I live in a quaint little town called Mentor-on-the-Lake. Well, kind of quaint.

However, things appear to be taking a turn for the worse. (Or is it worst? Help me out here folks).

Yep. MOL is becoming Thug Capital USA, with a little help from my number two son.

We have a few juvenile delinquents in our town. Oh and how I hate them. They look scruffy, have no parental guidance whatsoever, walk around thinking they can do what they want and just putting a general:

Twos up Twos up

Two's up to all who oppose them!

These delinquents wear the obligatory 'gang' colors of black t-shirts.

hanes black t-shirt

They also have a really cool 'fab gang name'. What is it you ask? ROTNEM's. Yep, a highly intelligent member (and for member, you can think of any kind of member - if you know what I mean) of the ROTNEM's, thought that if they spelt Mentor backwards, no-one would notice! Cool n'est pas?

So, my son, not to be outdone, decided to make fun of this gang by creating his own. Yep. The colors they chose for their fabulous gang? White.


The name of his gang? Well, just an FYI. My son has some odd fixation with the Amish. Yes. These people:


and his gang name? The Yoders. I know!

Now, don't get me wrong people. When I say 'gang' I don't necessarily mean this type of gang:

cgm warriors

No. They are more like this:


Are you quite literally shaking in your boots? It's so ridiculous I'm embarrassed! They don't do anything. Oh, they taunt each other with "Go eat some cheese you Yoders" and "You ROTNEM's are Rotten", yeah, really hard core!

But then I get to thinking. Why do they need a gang? We probably only have a couple of thousand kids in this town and they have to have gangs? Is there really nothing to do in this town for kids if they aren't into sports? Not really.

We have the Lake - but it's only hot so much of the year. We have the Civic Center but apparently that is "gay". The local Police Dept (where I work) has a fishing program that is quite successful, but even then, that is only three or four days out of the Summer. (and it is the Police Dept which also puts some kids off - though I don't know why!

Luckily, my kids are going to England for a week or so soon, and that will keep them out of trouble - hopefully! (though Nick is threatening to come back with a tattoo!). But then what? I guess, just dilligent watching, and trying to keep them occupied without it turning into a big "Warriors" scenario you know?

But that day is looming. That day is coming quicker than I don't know what. I'm so looking forward to that day.

What day you ask?

The day they move out and have to take responsibility for themselves and I can just say "Well, I tried my best".

Does that make me a delinquent parent?

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