Monday, July 18, 2005

This is something different for you - A Guest Post........

Hi to all Andi's Blogger Buddies from her Mum....

It is so nice to hear from you all on Andrea's blog site, and to read the nice things you say even though you don't know me, apart from what Andi has said.

There is so much I want to say about seeing Andi and George and my grandkids that it would take up days and days, so it is easier to say a huge thank you for flying me over to Mentor and that I love you all so very much.

The flights over were interesting! I went to the wrong terminal, walked for half an hour, luggage in tow, sat on the plane for 45 minutes before we took off and landed in Newark an hour or so late. THEN.... US customs loomed up in front of me, I stood in line for nearly an hour!!


An hour I tell you!

The flight was delayed, and instead of landing in Cleveland at 8.20pm I landed at 11.50pm!! All good fun, but it was worth it just to see everyone.

Andi's new house is absolutely lovely. The kids bedrooms actually stayed tidy for a couple of hours. (Apparently they had been tidied especially for me!!) Haven't we all been there?

We have been to the cinema a few times and one of the films was a kids movie in 3D (quite different for me). Here I am wearing my fabulous 3-D glasses!


We also saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Is Johnny Depp hot or what? It is ages since I have fancied any stars or celebrities (I am usually associated with Sean Connery) . This is where Kim is in tune with Johhny Depp - apparently neither of them can understand a word we are saying!! Here I am pushing him out of bed...... (NOT!)

My mom and 'dad'

One of Andi's blogger buddies is the lovely Kim. We (me, Andi, George, Georgia, Alex and Owen) went over to Kims for a drink or two and a couple of their other friends also came along with their kids. Geoff, Kims husband cooked a BBQ, the kids went in the pool, and later on Kim and a couple of others also had a dip. Apparently I embarrased Andrea by using an 'obscene' word - the 'P' word!!! I hasten to add here that the word means totally something different in England, but Andi put her hands over her ears and sang 'la la la la' to block me out. Kim was 'entertaining' me by making jewellery out of lighting bugs - YUK!! We had a great evening and Kim is positively the nicest person, thank you again for a great night.

We have done a lot of shopping and browsing and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

One night, we got a couple of bottles of wine - just for a drink or two - like you do, and before we know what is happening, 3 glasses of wine later we are both drunk as skunks, pissed as newts, whatever - WE WERE DRUNK! A Good time was had!

Talking about skunks - how many of you have actually smelled a dead skunk??


I havent smelled anything as gross in my life. We were driving along the motorway, no skunks in sight, and I said 'WHAT IS THAT'? Andrea calmly said 'oh it is just a skunk, horrible isn't it'. Horrible? the skunk had been run over miles further down the road and we could still eat the wonderful scent! Stella; Just you wait. She has a sealed bottle all ready for you for when she is Zurich bound!

I have also had a special treat - I met the Mayor of Mentor on the Lake! Andi took me to her work to meet her colleagues and the Mayor was there. (You know Andrea, hob-nobbing with the rich and famous! - well, he was neither but for this story he was loaded with looks and money!)

Jon, how are you? I read your blog and also hear ALL about your from Andi - I *heart* you too!! and would of course HEART being your "I *heart* of the week!

Thats all for just now folks. I still have another week left and I am sure it will be as good and as interesting as my first week. You never know there might just be a 'guest blog 2'. I love reading all your comments and look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Andi's Mum

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