Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Party Time at Kims...............

Kim invited us over to her house for a party - and to also meet my mum who is here for two weeks, and you know me and George, we never turn down an invite!

So with the kids all packed and dressed for a pool party, my mum in the van anxiously waiting to meet Kim and her brood, we set off.

However, the Weather Gods up there, decided that, on perfectly sunny days, where the sun shines and the pool beckons, the next best thing would be to shove in a little rain. Oh and it rained.

And rained.
and then there was some of this Rain stuff too.

So, with upside down smiles, the kids met Kim. And then my mum met Kim. And they got on famously.

Then the weather took pity on us, so with slight thundering in the background (and all sorts of horror stories about people swimming and being hit by lightening) we of course let the kids swim! :)

Pool Shark Girl

The wine flowed.


Jeff came home, turned on the BBQ and then it was time to eat. BTW Jeff/Kim, the food was fabulous. You know me, I like a good sausage!

Then Chrissy and Terri turned up and we all sat down and talked and talked about nothing and everything, with Kim having not one clue about what I was saying. (The language barrier widens with alcohol I have deduced!) I was trying to explain that I had just seen a show wherein a woman had complained about the 'C' word being used and the guys were saying "well, what about twat instead?" and she still complained so they said they would use a combination, and call her a "Twunt". For some reason, Kim thought I was talking about corn! Corn! How much alcohol do you think had passed by our lips for Twunt to sound like corn I ask you!?

Then, get this. As we all started talking about words we don't like, my mother - yes MY MOTHER started using the 'P' word. (*whispers* Pussy) My MOTHER!

Here she is pretending that she didn't just say PUSSY out loud!

My mother looking shocked

Here you can see George's ears burning!

My ears are bleeding

Honestly! *tuts and gives disapproving look to my mum*

Then, Kim starts talking about Johnny Depp and you know Kim and Johnny Depp! Looking at this picture, I have deduced that maybe, just maybe, I could be the love child of Johnny and my mum:

My mom and 'dad'

The resemblance is there I tell you!

After running out of alcohol - if you can imagine!!!! we took a quick trip to the liqour store and then picked up where we left off, with plenty of this:

Drinks and Drinks


which of course led to this:


and this

Kim and GKim and G

and THIS!

Mrs Kim

and where there are drunk people, and pools? You get this!

Kim swimming in her clothesKim and George

and by this time, we decided it was time to go as we would never leave otherwise!

As you can see, we had a fantastic time, the kids had fun, my mum loved everyone and wants to do it all again!

Mom and Kim

There you have it folks, if you want a good party? Head over to Kim and Jeffs!

More pics here

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