Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Quiet After the Storm

Well, now that I've calmed down a bit from yesterday, lets see where we are at!

I just got back from dropping G off at the airport, see, here he is waving to you all!

G leaving

But, oh no! What is this?

Manly iPod

This wouldn't happen to be his new lovely manly-blue iPod that he has spent the past few days uploading songs for his trip, still on the table top would it?

Oh, yes it appears so.

We got to about here:

er.... downtown Cleveland?

when I realised. Too far to turn back to go get it.

Thats when I remembered that I had mine in my bag, and I asked (OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF MY HEART!) whether he would like to take mine?

"But it's girly pink" was his reply.

As I started to put my bag back down, he huffed and puffed and agreed that a pink iPod was better than NO iPod.

Here, you see we are charging it up on his radio/iPod transmitter thingy !:

Girly iPod

However, I feel that he will be mightily disappointed. For when he begins to search for tunes, he has to plough through a bunch of McFly, Love Songs through the 80's and 90's, some Wham, a bit of Windsor Davies and Don Estelle, and some George Formby till he gets to the good stuff, even though I think the former IS the good stuff - but there is no pleasing some people!

As we got to here:

Downtown Cleveland

Dead Mans Curve, I had a smug grin, as I can imagine him starting to sing to some of the 'good' stuff at the airport and not paying attention, and being accosted by either a bunch of 12 year old McFly fans who think he is a roadie for them, or a bunch of Ukelele wielding grannies who think he is a long lost son of the Great George himself.

But we'll see.

On another note, can anyone please tell me, by looking at this picture I took of one of my fridge magnets, what this big gay looking dinosaur is doing to the other one?

What IS this dinosaur doing to the other dinosaur?

Click to make it er.... bigger! (fnar fnar!)

Answers on a postcard please to:............

(I know it's blurry but even the camera was blushing at having to take such a picture!)

Hhhhmmmmmm, S is going to see the kids. He called me this morning and it was so odd hearing his voice after so many years. He apologised a million times, got upset, asked me what to do (and I told him, "You got yourself into this mess......"), said he would like to keep in touch with the kids etc., I basically told him that he had to sit down with the kids and had a lot of explaining to do and then it would be up to them whether they want to keep in touch. (Bear in mind, I have been honest with the kids so I'd like to hear HIS version of why he never paid child support or visited them - but hey, thats by the by) My daughter is just excited because now she has a step-sister. But anyway, thats enough of that! This isn't a 'mommie slags off all men' blog so on to other things.

I colored my hair again! Here, you see the before and after colors. I've gone darker.

Moi with my dark hair

Me - though why I look so glum is beyond me!

I have no idea why I'm so glum!

So thats about it so far. My house is even quieter now. I am going to get some wine I think then just chill out. If you know where I live, feel free to pop round!

Back at ya tomorrow!

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