Monday, June 20, 2005

This is what TV was made for!!!!!

Tomorrow night, I'll be turning my phone off so don't EVEN try to call me!

I'll be tucked up with this fine specimen at 10:00 pm.


I'll hold his hose ANYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, once I'm done with him, I'll be turning on my DVR and watching this very fine hunk-a-chunk of burning luuuurrrve:.


"Lt Dangle, cuff me now!"

Now, if someone can please tell me when it's time for me to get a hold of these two by the you know whats I'd be very appreciative!!!!!:

Nip Tuck

I mean, come on, I need to know what happened to Christian, don't you?

Thats it. I'll be a very happy lady tomorrow night and George won't have done a thing!

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