Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A photo blog - Part II and other stuff!

I am here! *breathes a sigh of relief*

My internet company is ridiculously slow, and my DSL connection should have been done yesterday, but no, why should I expect something to be done on the date I was given? How rude of me! So, in the meantime I have to make do with the ever so slow dial up. Do you have any idea how long pictures take to load? Blimey! I love you DSL gods!

But here goes! Are you ready? My new house. (some of these pictures are prior to us moving furniture in coz I'm telling you I'm ready to throw up at how slow Flickr is uploading the pictures I took - in fact, I wanted to show you a ton more but can't coz the bloody computer is too slow. There may be a part IIb coming up!)

Here as you can see, is the view from the front. One of my favourite bits about this is that it is landscaped. Not that I am a gardener, don't get me wrong, but this means less work for G to do.


Once you open the door, you see the foyer, you have to go up the stairs a smidge. G hates hates hates the wallpaper but you know what? Tough. I'm done with all my decorating so if he wants it changing, he can get a professional in. Once you get to the top, you look to the left and there is the front room. A room no-one will use but still, it exists.


You go through there to the dining room. A certain person who shall remain nameless didn't like the rugs but I love them and they totally match the rest of the stuff so, there you go. On a side note, the lamp hanging over the table? While we were moving in, I had to remind everyone, movers, kids etc., to watch their heads on the lamp. Then I go and almost knock myself out doing the same thing. Blood and guts! You should have seen it. I'd have taken a picture for you but this is dial up and the less pictures you see the better. Just imagine gore and you have it!


Now, to the right of the dining room is the kitchen. I love my kitchen.


Some friends of ours got us a cookie-gram! Cookies in the shapes of houses, and a mailbox with our name on! How cool! Still wrapped too!


If you go straight through the dining room, you get to the family room. My room. (G lives in the basement now). It's a basic family room, but my favourite part of this is room are the windows at the end. I LOVE them.



From this room you get to the basement which is G's room. He bought himself a new TV (a flat screen LCD something or other) so he is down there all the time. In time, he will be building a bar but not right now. (see part IIb - tomorrows blog!)

Back upstairs, you get to the deck from the side door in the family room. A small deck which I think is going to be replaced next year.


We have a fairly decent sized back yard too!

Back of new house

Anyway, the kids bedrooms and bathrooms are down the hall.

Georgia's room is here. She loves this room. (unfortunately the boys rooms still have unpacked boxes and you've all seen boxes before so there is no need to show you them).


Downstairs, you get to the laundry room and our bedroom and bathroom. The best bit for me? The walk-in closet. It's bloody huge! The best bit for George? The stage that is in our room. A stage! and NO, I don't do shows.

(I bet you can't wait to see part IIb now can you?)

Well. Private ones only.

and thats about it! Do you like it? Rugs and all? Hope so. You are all welcome to come around anytime and like I said, part IIb coming soon!

OK! On the upside. How are things with you? I had a lovely day off today, and later, will be catching up on everyones blogs to find out everything I have missed! (fingers crossed that dial up doesn't screw me over!) I am assuming that Stella got her Groove Back, that Rrrrrrrrrrrrruksak *purrs* will tell me something new about Stink, that Kim is good with the world and that she still has all kids accounted for! that Jonathan will come to love and accept my rugs for the beautious things they are and that McFly are still together, that Frally hasn't lot her voice whilst in training for the NZ Idol, that Karen looked good in the shorts and that the winner was a good one. That Katya is still good, that NickleAnnie still has Bowling For Soup on hers somewhere, that Tiff has updated !!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many others that I want to comment on, and I will once I've read them all.

I'm just so happy to be back I can't tell you!

So, hopefully you enjoyed the tour and hopefully all is well with you. I laughed my arse off at the jokes too! Especially the decorating one!

Well, I'm off, and until later.............

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