Monday, May 09, 2005

Who loves me?

My daughter does! For the proof, check out the card she made me. I am clearly #1 mum! and people were blinded by the earrings she bought me, little pink hearts. (I'm sure my boys love me too even though the lack of cards, gifts or even a sulky "Happy Mothers Day" greeting shows otherwise).

Mothers Day Card I love you earrings

Ms Mac loves me. Check out the parcel I got this morning:

Package P-p-p-pick up a penguin Music for your ears

(and the love is being returned in a parcel winging it's way over to Switzerland as we speak!)

My boss kinda likes me (as an employee!!!!). I messed up at work but he was fine with it, once again showing me that I panic too much and have no confidence in myself whatsoever.

The person buying my house likes me though she doesn't know it yet. She wants us to leave our washer and dryer. What does that have to do with it you ask? Well, if we leave them I get to have two new ones! Yeah! (Do I even have a life?)

Now, I wonder who else likes me?................................

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