Friday, April 15, 2005

Those were the days my friend......


Don't we look all cute? This was probably taken around 1980. We were 11 (me), 10 (David), 5 (Richard) and 65 (Spidey) - he was probably some drunken, chubby letch who wanted to spend time around kids so did so in disguise....... But you should see us now! Me in America, those two living the life of Riley down under somewhere and Spidey? Well, he's probably dead and buried in Scarborough Cemetary......

A far cry from Seacroft is all I can say!

I remember those blue socks and the texture of that brown skirt and jacket like it was yesterday! Those trainers? Were kind of velvety suede...... I'm eating a tray of cockles (oo-er missus) and there's probably a boat load of rock in that carrier. Can you remember those big rock dummies? I LOVED those! One time, my dad brought home a load of knock off blue rock and we had tons of it. We were eating it, our friends were eating it, EVERYONE was eating it. Then about a day or so later, all our poo turned blue and green! Now THAT I do remember! Yeah, I remember blue poo but can't remember anything significant! But hey, I'm here now.

And talking of poo, coz I was! I remember one time, my friend Leonie brought some chocolate laxatives to school as a prank. Anyway, a whole bunch of us promised we would eat some later that night - sort of a gang initiation type thing (oh, yeah we were rough and tough I tell you!) Anyway, I ate a small piece. Then the next day went to school. (I have never taken anything like that before so wasn't really sure of it's powers) Let me tell you, I was the only 'gang' member to go to school that day, the others actually had common sense! It is funny to think of now but back then? eeerrr.....not so much.

Which takes me to another poo story. I'll make this a quick one. One time, when my son was younger, he had a smidge of diahorrea, and he came running (pardon the pun) up to me and was all hysterical and crying and was all "My bums melting......" Yep, it was funny. I laughed. I have no shame.

End of poo stories.

As you may recall, I was telling you yesterday about my desperately wanting a red Grifter bike? Well, seeing as how succsessful the request for chocolate and Horlicks went, I thought I would put in a request for a Grifter. I'm never too old to ride one. If anyone has one, and doesn't need it any more, e-mail me for my address! Here is a pic in case anyone is actually going bike hunting today!


I wonder if Mick McGann still has his somewhere. In fact, I should beg to the Grifter manufacturer and see if they'd like to send me one. They can advertise for free on my blog.

What do you think my chances are?

and I shall end my post with this.


If only they would invent a robot for being a mum on those days you just need a rest!

Have a great day my friends.


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