Thursday, April 07, 2005

It came from him and now through me.......

My dad used to have this 'thing' that really, all those years ago, used to piss us off all the time (in a good way). As I mentioned before, one of his many jobs, and he had many, was an ambulance man. Thus, he was a plethura of medical knowledge.

Of which he would divulge ALL THE TIME!

Whatever you did, he would warn you that doing so would end up with "epistaxis*" or "...insert appropriate medical condition here.." and don't even get me started on when we used to watch Casualty.

Charlie would say "He's in A-fib" and my dad would be all "That means Atrial Fibrillation which would be treated by......", or Charlie would say "It's a Myocardial Infarction" and my dad would be all "That means they are having a heart attack" and so on and so on. EVERY WEEK!

But that was years ago and just as we thought the curse had been lifted.......

Now, a couple of years ago, I decided that I simply was bored to tears of working in an office doing the same old shit I had been doing for years before that and would be doing years after.... So I had what Oprah would call an "a - Ha" moment! I changed career. I went to school to become an EMT! Then onto Paramedic school (don't even GET me started on that!!!!). I worked for a private ambulance company which, I can laugh at now, was the WORST ambulance company EVER. I stayed there for over a year until one day, after lifting very very heavy patients all day, I threw my back out. Now my job is a mix of both office work and medical stuff, so I'm OK with that!

But I digress. Whenever we watch a show that has anything remotely medical-terminology-like about it, my kids are all like "what does that mean?" "How do they treat that?" like I'm some high powered cardiologist or surgeon, ya know? *basks in the glory*

So last night, we were watching LOST, and Boone was in a spot of bother..... (note,when I went to Google to find you a picture of Boone, I typed in the word Boone and it brought up this guy. Apparently, there is a Daniel Boone I don't know about?) But anyway, getting back to the HOT Boone.

So Boone's lung collapsed, he had a compartment syndrome and was not looking good. So while I'm trying to watch the show, the kids are trying to find out exactly what was going on throughout the whole show! I felt just like my dad. But it was a good feeling, don't get me wrong. I wonder which of my kids will be doing it next?

Talking of people dying in TV shows. Am I the only one who, whenever faced with a body, on a slab, in the morgue, I watch for a pulse? I mean, you would think that the producers would just freeze the frame for a sec. Oh, when does a corpse chest move up and down (I know I'm going to get replies stating that some bodies expel air long after they have died - but please stay quiet!) CSI is the worst one for doing this. It pains me to watch these sometimes...... But anyway.

I just wanted to say how good it was to be like my dad.

* Epistaxis - nose bleed! (use this term if you wanna sound all knowledgeable!)

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