Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I just needed some "ALONE" time.......

I have had enough.

Arguing. Bitching. Shouting. Screaming. Crying. Moaning. Whining.

If it isn't my kids, it's my husband shouting AT the kids.

So today, I saw this:


and decided that I needed some alone time. I needed to go someplace quiet and peaceful. Somewhere I could clear my head. And as you all know, I love taking pictures, so I took my camera and here, for you, is MY PLACE!

(Blogger won't let you just click on the link *you know Blogger!!!!*) There was no noise, aside from the water gently lapping the shore. Serenity. (I suggest you sit somewhere quiet, in the dark and take yourself here).

You are welcome!

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