Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I *heart* Rob and Amber.......


and I don't care if I get tons of e-mails slagging me off.

When they were on Survivor, everyone would bitch Rob out for everything he did, and all the backstabbing he did, but you know what? He got to the final two which I believe is the whole concept of the game! If people fell prey to his charms (of which he has a-plenty) then tough ca-ca. The game isn't called "Wimpin-out " or "Best Buddies" is it now?

Amber fancied him, fell for him and is now going to get married to him. "Go Amber!!!" Wouldn't you? Look at this hottie... and don't even get me started on his drop-yer-knickers Boston accent. (I have a thing for accents - just an FYI in case anyone feels like doing an audio post for me ......)


I am SO not into reality TV (she says, as she religiously watches Survivor and Amazing Race), I'm not. Those two are the only shows I watch. The Apprentice, The Bachelor/ette garbage, Nanny 911 ? Pur-lease........ But something draws me to the AR and Survivor.

All the whiny arsed people that are complaining about them being in the Amazing Race 7 So what? Suck it up. I laugh heartily EVERY week when Rob does something and all the other 'whining and bitching "Rob and Amber" haters' are following EVERYTHING they do! It's always "I hate Rob and Amber but oh look, they are going there, let's follow!"

I do have to say however, that Alex's saying "Survive that" has me rolling in my chair.....

But anyway, I just had to say that I *heart* Rob and Amber. And I will be watching their wedding. I may even dress up for it, drink champagne and wish them all the best! So there.


Yes, I will be sat in my love seat with my man tonight, watching it and sighing....... *dreams of Me and Rob*

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