Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This is where the magic happens........

My Computer!


As you can see this is a very organized area, one in which there is peace and calm and serenity, so I can have clear thoughts when telling you all about my life and how harmonious it is all going.

That is complete bollocks.

Here is a list of everything you can see on my desk and why it is there. (Oh, and I hope WS you see that I was looking at your blog as I took the pic - can you see how white it looks?)

  • Cup on left - I have to have my daily 15 - yes 15 - cups of tea. The cup actually says "health, abundance, blessings and time to enjoy them" on it. That again is bollocks.
  • My husbands "05 tournament challenge" brackets for some basketball (sorry Ms Mac) thing that is going on right now.
  • Two empty yogurt pots (Fit and Active is the brand and I am neither). I'm too lazy to even take them downstairs and this is pissing G off no end!
  • Three spoons - for tea and yoghurt. G mentioned last night that we have 'lost' some spoons. No, I just found them!
  • My old Tiffany bracelet my daughter is wearing for school these days.
  • Three tissues - used and no, I wasn't looking at porn!
  • One empty fudgesicle wrapper - another reason why I am neither Fit OR Active.
  • Some Anti-aging body lotion. Skin renewing type made from cucumber and melon. If I use this I shall have the face and body of a 16 year old. My husband can only wish!
  • A Coronation Street mousemat I won from a guy called Mike Plowman over at CSVU.net (Go to Guestbook and UK updates - Great site)
  • A bunch of scrap paper that surprisingly looks a lot like homework that isn't done!!!!
  • A really crap infra-red mouse that hardly works.
  • A really nice jewellry box my mom got me one year, that I actually do use!
  • Two Kill Bill DVD covers (If you live in a house with 5 kids, you soon get used to empty cases all over the place and later, scratched CD's and DVD's.)
  • A camera cleaning kit that is covered in dust.
  • A tube of Cappucino flavored lip gloss that is supposed to be my daughters but tastes so good it is now mine.
  • CD's of Busted, Love Actually soundtrack, Kylie and Now 58.
  • 2 Sims Computer discs
  • A Peter Kay CD and an old Palm Pilot
Of all these things, the only things that should be on this table are the mouse and mouse mat. But you know what? Who cares? So long as I am interesting and funn.......Oh, I'll go clean it then.... :)

What does your place of ideas look like?

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