Saturday, March 26, 2005

Thank you Britney Spears. You are a Goddess...


So as you know from my previous post, I was feeling a little fed up, stressed out and just not right with the world. Well, the only things that could fix this were :

  1. A trip to Target
  2. Buying Britney Spears Greatest Hits with the totally fantabulous "Something" song at the end.

Have you seen this video/heard the song? I heard it and when Britney sings "Why don't you do su'in" - loosely translated from Ghetto to "Why don't you do something" I took her words to heart. I went out and did su'in. How could it not cheer you up? It totally puts you in a dancing mood and by god, if I didn't feel much more cheerful once I had bought it.

So, after listening to this album, I bow down to the great Britney and thank her for her gift to mankind.

(W.S. listen to this and tell me she is not better than the very Crap Ms. Carey)

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