Friday, March 04, 2005

Stupid stupid people....

You know what I hate? Living in a world where people just can't be bothered to do anything, and having the attitude that "well, that isn't in my job description so I ain't touching that" (said in really whiny voice)

My doctors office, which has some of the WORLDS laziest and most stupid people, sent me a bill the other day for a whopping amount of money. The statement says in bold INSURANCE DENIED. Now, on my last doctors visit a while back I took in my new insurance card (because my husbands company can think of nothing better that to change the sodding insurance company EVERY DAMN YEAR - Now we are back to the people we had first!) and I watched them xerox it. Actually, I saw one girl (who we will call Fucktard #1) pass it on to another girl (Fucktard #2) who looked blankly at the card for about 5 minutes, obviously trying to figure out whether it is in her job description to even to be TOUCHING the card. She then looked at me and passed it to yet another girl (Fucktard #3) who xeroxed it. Anyway, the fact is they did it.

So some time has passed and I get this bill in the mail. I call them and tell them that they already have the new details but Fucktard #1 tells me that she has to pass my call through to 'someone who deals with that' (never mind that the doctors office is about as big as my bathroom), and I am put on hold for 5 minutes. Fucktard #2 answers and asks if she can help. Apparently she isn't the right Fucktard who can deal with this and that Fucktard won't be in until Tuesday. I tell Fucktard #2 that all I want to do is give her my details so that she can write them down in my file or on a sticky note or tattoo it on her forehead for all I care, but she says "I can't take those details, only Fucktard #3 can do that and she won't be in until Tuesday".

Tuesday. They are demanding money from me, but won't actually take details of how to get that money. Until Tuesday that is.

Fucktards the lot of them.

I just finished a long shift and slept for about 2 hours, so I'm off back to bed. Maybe I'll wake up in a better mood!

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