Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My photographic journey

Following in the footsteps of the great and mighty Whatevasista, I decided that I too, would give you an almost step-by-step photo blog of my exciting trip to the United States Post Office. It was merely a coincidence that both our journey destinations were to the same place albeit a bajillion miles apart.

So here goes:

This is my reasoning behind the visit. I had ordered a whole bunch of uniforms that a) they had completely mis-read the sizes I had put down in my order, or b) I really have put on that much weight as the shirts and pants were clearly meant for someone with a figure such as Kate Moss.


Here is my "soccer-mom" van that is my life. What would I do if I didn't have this beauty taking me everywhere, aside from losing weight from walking (but we won't mention that!) Note how nice and sunny it was yesterday! It was a great day!


Here is me getting ready to set off! (I'm just vain!)


This is one of the main roads. Along this road you will find many things, a KFC (been to once in 3 years), my travel agents where I get all my tickets for England trips, Spuddy's bar which I have tripped out of many times completely shitfaced, a Subway that has been robbed far too many times, and a Walgreens on the corner (are they ever anywhere else?) You can see that the speed sign clearly says 25 mph and you will also note that I don't have my spedometer showing!


Imagine my surprise when, as I was almost at my destination, this Blue Wildebeest came out of nowhere! Those damn safari animals........ There isn't anything you can't find in good old M-O-L, I tell you!


I want his job! (If you look closely at the picture, he looks as though he is in tears! Wouldn't you be?)


and here is the Post Office Yeah! Here, you can see Charlie, Billy-bob and Old Jonesey, who were happy to help with all my mailing needs, in fact, I laughed heartily at Old Jonesey's comment "Do you need anything licking?" I'm thinking he meant stamps!


and here is Mary, the letter getter. I personally think she was the love slave of all three of those handsome men up there but who am I to give away the torrid stories of the United States Post Office?


And there you have it folks. My trip to the Post Office. Tomorrow, I will be showing you the fantastic journey to the Library, can you even hold your bated breath?

******************** UDPATE**********************

Please note that the Wildebeest, Mary the letter getter and those three handsome dudes are in fact pictures from Google. They don't live in, near, or by my route to M-O-L Post Office!

Just to avoid further confusion! I know my photographic skills are impressive, however, my camera as great as it is, does not go back in time! And poor Mary bless her, has no idea she is being shown to the world. She may be mightily impressed about what I'm saying, wouldn't you?

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