Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I miss blogging......

Since I started my new job/training, I haven't been able to post on a regular basis, haven't been able to visit other blogs as often as I would have liked and I feel left out of the blogging world. I almost forgot what Exploding was all about if you can imagine such a horror!

Thankfully, that training is almost over, the end is in sight, I see the light at the end of a tunnel (and it isn't a train!) I feel my blogging powers are almost back to normal. I am thinking by the end of this week, I may be back to full blogging potential, regular e-mailing, regular commenting, regular complaining about how many shit blogs there are out there and so on and so on........

So, for those that have missed me, just bear with me! 'K?

Oh, and if anyone feels like donating some points from BE, BC or Blogazoo, just to get me started they would be very much appreciated, and I will of course reciprocate once I'm back to normal!

But for now, here is a list of what I have been doing this week as opposed to what I haven't.......

  • Laundry (like you wouldn't believe)
  • Grounding (again) two of my kids
  • Catching up on the amazing "Amazing Race" (where have I been all this time and why didn't you tell me how great this show is people?)
  • Finishing off this behemoth of a bottle of wine
  • Having my system cleaned out on a morning with amusing regularity because of afore-mentioned wine
  • Tidying my house for when people want to come and look around so I can sell it!!!!!!!!! If it looks half as tidy as Ms Macs then I'll be happy!
  • Laughing at #2 son for "following through" on a whopping fart! (We've all done it!)
  • NOT laughing at #2 son's boxer shorts still in the laundry 2 days after the follow through episode. (has he never heard of a washer?)
  • Laughed my arse off at what could be the funniest joke EVER (Yep, even funnier than my pirate joke!). Q. Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? A. Fo Drizzle. (I know, funny huh?)
  • Had a door slammed on me (*dramatically* no less, in his comments section) by WS coz I ruined one of his fabulous look-a-likey comps. I apologized and we are back to our lovey dovey selves, although I can't promise I won't do it again!
So there you have it folks. Once I'm back full on, I'll be posting pictures, comments, blogs, whinings, annoyances etc., You name it, it will be there...... Oh, I can't wait, can you?

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