Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Dear JobJfatt Migimoto

No, I am not interested in seeing Hot teenage moms (??????) having sex.

And Corina K Hensley, I do not want to give you my entire banking history so you can verify a mortgage loan yet to be approved. (One in which I have never applied FOR!)

Aurelio Walsh? I do not want a 'phat krib', and yes, I do know what a 'phat krib' is.

Ms Chi Okobi, while I have full sympathy for your recently departed Nigerian multi-millionaire husband, I really don't want to help you with your finances, regardless of how much I may benefit from doing so.

I mean, really, do people even bother reading these e-mails from people with weird names that they have never heard, or with such ridiculous schemes - or scams, however you want to read that! Apparently so, or why would people continue sending them. (when you mouse over the e-mail addresses it isn't even a valid one for heavens sake!)

Sometimes I am astounded by the stupidity.

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