Saturday, February 12, 2005

With 28 minutes to spare......phew..................

I made it back! Yeay! I hate malls, and as Panthergirl suggested, next time, it will all be done online!

But anyway, I bought some top stuff!

For Ms Mac: The perfect boots!


For Whatevasista: Some lovely wineglasses!


For Mimi:

and the perfect thing to go with it:

and for me - for having to endure the whole shebang.......


I actually bought the same stuff for myself and will have a pic to show you once I have all the stuff on! I know, I'll look sexy, you don't have to tell ME!

Let me know how it all fits you guys (and WS, let me know how the wine tastes in that stuff!), if there are any returns, I'll give you directions, coz I ain't going back!

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