Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Location, location, location...

Most people that know me, know that I am a fairly easy going kind of girl. Not much gets me riled.

Except that is when people don't know their ups from their downs, their lefts from their rights etc.,

To be clearer, here is a prime example. I have a friend who lives South (more South West than just South but you catch my drift) of here. See map.


Now, I'm at point A, and she is at point B. Whenever we talk and she mentions coming to visit me, (and those visits have totalled 2 in number over the past 4 years but hey, who's counting?) she says "I'm thinking of coming down to see you next weekend".

Yes, she said DOWN. Am I not clearly UP?

I have no idea why this pisses me off, because it shouldn't, there are worse problems in the world, but it raises my hackles everytime she says down. (does anyone actually know what a hackle is and should I have one?)

When I lived in England, the only time I used directions as in North, South etc., was when I was driving on a motorway going down South or somewhere. If I was giving directions to a friend on how to get to my house say from town, I would say "Go up York Road, turn left at the roundabaout, then take your second right......blah blah blah...." Living here in the US, people say, "OK, go East on Route 2, then take the North exit, turn west on blah blah street...." I need one of these every time I go for a quick drive somewhere.


Why can't anything be simple anymore?

Now for example, Ms Mac lives 'over there' in Switzerland. If you want to be more precise she lives East of here. But I don't say she lives down there, or left of here. I KNOW where she is located. Why can't people know where they are located?

I'm sure I'm the only person that this pisses off but I'm in that kinda place today, yeah, location=pissed.

Where is your location from me? Just an up, down, left or right will do!

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