Thursday, February 24, 2005

I got my movies, color tv...............

That song just popped into my head, sorry if it's gonna be in yours all day! *see bottom of post

Todays post is mainly going to be about TV Shows I love. Sorry. More interesting post tomorrow.

LOST (for all of you out there that don't get this show, when you DO eventually get it, WATCH IT!)

But anyway, how great is the TV show LOST? Seriously. I'm telling you, every Wednesday morning the kids argue about who is going to sit beside me while we watch it together later that night. And when it does come on, they turn off every light and we sit in complete darkness and silence. The only sounds you hear during that show are :
  • "Seat check" - when a bathroom break is about to happen
  • "Whaaaaaaat?" - when something unexpected happens (and this ALWAYS happens)
  • "Commercials AGAIN?" - every 8 minutes
  • "Rewind it, quick" - when we see something unexpected in a flash, like say that HUGE BLOODY MONSTER THING (and thanks to the genius that invented DVR - I would proudly bear more children for you if I could, that's how much I love you)
  • "They can't do that!" - at the end of every show when we are left with an almighty cliffhanger
The beauty of this show is catching all the other things happening that the producers think you aren't paying attention to, like say for example Hurley being on that TV commercial while Jin went to tell that guy his boss was 'displeased'. Did anyone else catch that? Did ya? Or Sawyer being dragged into the police station a while back when Boone was talking to the police officer about pressing charges for his sister? Did ya catch that?

"hhhmmmmmmm Sawyer" *Andrea drools much like Homer Simpson thinking of Beer*

Anyway, I'm looking forward to next week is all I'm saying!

Desperate Housewives

Once again this show is not being shown on Sunday evening because of YET ANOTHER POINTLESS AWARD SHOW. I'm not even linking in to the Oscars because I'm that pissed. But DH is a great show as I'm sure you are all aware by now.


Can someone please tell me what was the deal with the singing schoolteacher last week? As Ryan commented last week, the only show she should have been on was CSI - as a victim! Funny MoFo Ryan! And thank GOD Jolanda was off too. Admit it, you couldn't have watched her for one more week either! But Jeff is still a hottie and will always have that special place in my heart that is held only by the other 32 people in my hottie slideshow.

Anyway, that is my post for this morning. If you have any ideas as to where Lost is heading, let me know. If you are as pissed as I am about the Oscars, let me know. And if you have messed up lyrics to songs, let me know so I don't feel too foolish.

*Interesting fact #1 I honestly thought that the line in the song was "I got my movies, color TV", when apparently as I have just found out while trying to link that song in, it is "we gotta move these color TV's" Funny. I never knew that. Now I'm gonna have to blogroll a lyric site just to check for future references.

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