Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Oprah Oprah Oprah.....

Now I like the occasional Oprah show, the ones where she does her "favorite things" and gives tons and tons of stuff away, the shows where she clears the debts of people etc., I really really do. But sometimes, I just have to question:

"Oprah, What are you thinking?"

I was doing my usual "Blog Explosion" ritual this afternoon and came across this article. Please comment and tell me what are your thoughts on this.

I'm thinking that while yes, it is good that she is doing this, there are many MANY other people that could use help. Oprah donates lots of money through her Angel Network, and she helps with Africa and Aids, which is good. They are long term-never-gonna-go-away projects, and the donations she gives, helps people learn how to improve the situation, and better themselves. The tsunami issue right now is a we-need-money-NOW to help us NOW situation. Once they have the area cleared, buildings re-built, they will go on with their lives, as difficult as it may be. Oprah could take a leaf out of Sandara Bullocks book and donate a wad of cash NOW if she wanted to help. Sending a team of ex-marines to find someone is good, but there are thousands more missing, could she not send them to help look for others too? I'm sure that people would still love her as much as they do...... I know you may think who am I to tell her where to donate, but she obviously donates so I don't think I'm talking out of line.

Anyway, thats my tuppenceworth. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think she's doing just fine. Why is it that whenever someone does something good, someone else has to find something wrong with it?

At least she's doing something specific, rather than just hoping the money she donates goes to the right place (and just because there's been no press release about it, doesn't mean that she hasn't given a private donation).

Sleeping Mommy said...

Um, I have a question. Besides the fact that it is none of our business how she chooses to spend her money...

but how do we know she hasn't sent money and/or other resources to help?

Besides that, Nate is a good friend of her's. So I would guess that his partner is her friend too. Of course she is going to do whatever she can and go above and beyond the call to help a FRIEND.

Nobody says she has to be equal in her philanthropy. Besides this isn't even her philanthropy. It's helping a friend. I'd love to have a friend like her. But I also recognize that she can't be everything to everyone. She cannot help everyone. It's like how the world sees the U.S. they expect us to do help everyone. It's just not possible. Someone is always going to get jipped.

Adelle said...

Well, I am glad atleast you agree with me! :) And yes, maybe she did give money some other way... and it is nice she is helping a friend. However, it still irritates me!


Anonymous said...

Not that it really matters but I think Oprah's action was fine, after all he is someone she knows (quite) well. My only grip with her is that her show is increasingly becoming a platform of self love and for her tearing-happy groupies. A recent show about women in their 30+s all around the world was kind of the final straw (long story). Besides the string of advertisements every 5 mins into her show, that's got to be annoying.

Nice blog :)


dan said...


Thanks for posting to my blog. I agree with you 100% on this. While it is nice that she is doing this are these ex-marines supposed to step over all of the sick children that might slow down their efforts to find this guy? It is all so very sad.