Friday, January 07, 2005


OK, I'm going to admit something to you but please don't tell anyone, keep it to yourself.


I love watching Americas Funniest Videos.

Now zip your mouth and throw the key away!

Not only do I love the show, I also have a favorite category. Ones with babies laughing hysterically.

Now I know most Blog readers will read this and go "Not another baby blogger". I'm not, I just think that there isn't a nicer sound in the world than a giggling baby. They had this one bit where there were six babies on a bed and they were all laughing, non stop! and it didn't win the 10,000 prize! I almost sent the parents money myself!

Thats all I wanted to say. Laughing babies make me laugh.........


Kathy said...

yes that is the best sound in the world!

1 Blog Given said...

My guilty pleasure is COPS. I can't get enough of obvious drunks fighting and acting stupid. Gets me every time.