Friday, December 17, 2004

You keep them where?

OK. Claire and I went for coffee to Debs house and we had fun! However...... (and you knew there was one!)

Deb could be the one person out there that decorates her house more than I do. I mean she decorates EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING. Really. Bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, etc., She must have 30 Santa's all over the place. I mean you go poop and there is Santa holding your tissue for you! That literally! :)

Anyway, so there we were and we somehow got talking about Christmas cards we had received and she said "Yeah, mine are over there in the box". Er.... hello? Yep, she keeps them in a box. Now I was stunned! For two reasons.

1. She decorates and shows off her Christmas stuff like you wouldn't believe
2. She keeps her Christmas cards in a box?

I don't know about you or if this is just an English thing, but when we get cards from people we either stand them up or hang them up. Don't know why, but we just do! So after laying into her over this whole cards in a box thing ("a pretty box" she said, "it's not like it's a Tampax box or anything") we told her how it's done in England so this got her thinking! Then Claire, Deb and I spent the next 40 minutes hanging Deb's Christmas cards up! See here,here,here, and here.

Something tells me that the next time I go to Debs house I'm gonna get knocked out by Christmas cards haning from everything and anything that you can hang a card ON!

But it's all for the sake of Christmas so you can't go wrong!

More later....

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FoFuSa said...

We always display our cards too. Sometimes I hang them on the wall, other times on the countertop. But this year I only got two of them, so I figured, what's the use!