Sunday, December 19, 2004

Party time........

Last night was Rick and Jills Christmas party and we had fun! Claire and I had our hair done yesterday afternoon and the Christmas wine was flowing at the salon which was good! So, once we got home we carried on drinking Champagne etc., then left for the party. I love going to Rick and Jills as they have such a lovely home (George and I renewed our wedding vows there) and they are such lovely people...... you couldn't go there and NOT have a good time.

We ate, drank and partied away and caught up with everyone there. A good time was had by all. Claire and I made a trifle that people ate (I was impressed), and I thoroughly enjoyed the Cheese Fondue (which apparently smelt and tasted like Old feet - but seeing as I have never tasted old feet, I can't vouch for their opinion)

We slowly recovered this morning and I am almost back to normal. However, the snow isn't helping much! Looking at the little weather thing on the side >>>>>>> there, it is currently as I type this 14 degrees farenheit and -10 below in Celsius. Magic.

Even Claire was cold. We went out for breakfast and now are back and intending to stay in I believe. The kids are expecting a snow day tomorrow so apparently she is going sledding with them. I'll be inside taking pictures. No need to go out if you don't need to if you catch my (snow) drift hahahahahahaha...

Well, I will be putting more pics up as the day goes on but just wanted to say a good morning to you all (lovely snowman Ms Mac)

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