Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My thoughts today

With the whole Scott Peterson thing almost over and done with (They are now in the penalty phase where both sides say why they think he should/should not get the death penalty), and the whole election thing over and done with, I am almost running out of things to talk about. But just when I think that, something happens and I immediately think "Ooh, I'm blogging about THAT tonight". But then I forget or by the time it comes to Blog, it doesn't seem that important. I have decided however to stop doing that and complain/discuss it anyway. So here are my complaints/thoughts about today.

State Farm Insurance (I won't even bother to put a link in to them)

We have been with State Farm for well over 3 years now and at first they were pretty good, but over the years they have gradually gotten worse. Today was just the straw that broke the camels back and I just lost it. I used to pay for the home/auto insurance from my account and G paid his motorcycle from his account. We decided in October to change it so that it all came out of his account and I went to the SF Office and signed all the forms necessary etc., They made the changes to the account and we thought that was it. I got a call last week from the totally inept secretary there saying that I had to come in to the office AGAIN and sign a form or they were going to cancel the account. I asked why and she said they hadn't taken any money out since October. (We had bank statements that showed otherwise). So I went in today and signed the form and I told her that Octobers had come out and Novembers and she just gave me a look (the kind of look my 15 year old son gives me) and I wanted to smack the living shit out of her. She said "I don't know" to a question I hadn't even asked her and I just shook my head and walked out. I get home and then she calls me back and says "Oh, you need to come in with a check for Novembers payment or they are going to cancel your insurance" WHHHAAAAATTTTTT? I told her that I wasn't going to come in etc., and she was like "You don't need to get all angry with ME". I just told her not to do anything till she hears from me. We decided that we are going to go with Progressive (providing they can charge the same or less just to prove a point).

NEVER go with State Farm!

Don Pablos Restaurant - Willoughby

Have you ever eaten there? We have one just by the movies and usually go either before or after the movie. Well, lately the service has been incredible. Incredibly crap I should say. G asked for a margarita the other night and they told him that they only made them in batches and seeing as the kind he wanted wasn't in a batch, they couldn't make him one. WWHHHAAAAT? then the waitress got the drinks wrong, and it wasn't that good, and then to top it all off, when they are clearing the tables, they just scrape all the food off the table onto the floor and just leave it there, so when you are seated you have other peoples food remains in your heels, etc., How disgusting is that? Beware when eating there.

Desperate Housewives - ABC
Survivor - CBS
Lost - ABC

Have you seen these shows? If not you are missing out BIG STYLE.

Thankful for friends

I sometimes feel lonely, and fed up and think that I really don't have many close friends but then I sit back, and take stock and realise that I do. I have MANY friends. I have many friends in the UK. Sarah, Claire, Helen, Colette and Martin (who are technically Irish) etc., and I of course have my US friends Mick and Deb, Nancy and Jay, Chris and Michelle, Rick and Jill, and countless others - you know who you are, and even though I don't see you all on a regular basis, I hope you all know that I think about you often and I am grateful to have you in my life. :)

I am very proud of this guy

My brother Richard A.K.A. Tricky for reasons he knows why. Congratulations Tricky and I hope we see you soon.

Good commercials - They DO exist

Yellow Pages - the one where the guy is sitting fishing in a boat with his son and the guy is all togged out in his fishing gear and is all excited and his son is looking really bored and the words at the top of the page show what they could look up in the YP. (The end where the guy is looking and it says "paternity test" just cracks me up.

Net-Zero - A piss take of the AOL ad where the woman is in the boardroom on top of the table syaing "I want this.... and I want this....... blah blah blah" computer-wise, just like the AOL ad, and the guy just says "Then you should go to Net Zero" and she climbs off the table, picks her baby up and storms off. Now THAT is funny.

Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man
- Mainly showed in the movies. This is just hilarious! Simple as that.

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