Monday, December 13, 2004

End of day thoughts

Well, it is already 8:50 pm and I can't believe it is that time already! Time flies I tell you. Today was a good day (admittedly the majority of it was spent on Blog Explosion) but it was a good day none the less. Should that be all one word? Not sure.

Hopefully all the people that see my Blog ON Blog Explosion think it's OK and I want you all to know you can comment if you like! I would appreciate updates etc., on what you think, ideas etc.,

Well, ClaireBear is on her way! She doesn't drive so she has caught the coach from Leeds to Gatwick airport (a journey that takes about 12 hours I think). In fact, it takes longer to get from Leeds to Gatwick than it does for her to fly to the US! Amazing. She left Leeds at midnight so being that they are 5 hours in front, she is about 2 hours into her trip! She gets here at 5:30pm something tomorrow. I can't wait to see her - and all the English goodies she has brought with her but mainly her :) I CANNOT go on Blog Explosion tomorrow I CANNOT, I have too much to do. If you think you see me blogging, tell me off!

My husband hooked my digital printer up so I can make calendars etc., which is awesome...... So I'll be sending alot of those to family and friends! :)

The snow is coming down pretty hard and hopefully it won't delay Claire or my drive to the airport..... :(

Anyway, I'm tired so I shall catch up with you all tomorrow.

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