Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Will the real Mr President please stand up....

The only thing on TV last night of course was the Election. Well, I got sick of that after a while so tuned into my country music channels and drank me some beer! We were up until the wee hours..... finally going to bed at 2:45-ish and still not knowing for certain who won. Fox News called Ohio for Bush so that basically sealed it for us. Congratulations Mr President!

We get up this morning at 6 and Kerry hasn't conceded. He thinks the provisional votes need to be counted and that he can win from those. Well, Mr Kerry, I have news for you. If you win 100% of them yeah, you might be in with a chance but it's highly doubtful. Just do the deed and get it over with, you'll feel alot better! and so will I!

Did anyone see Obama (Illinois) win? His wife getting up and being as stereotypical as possible and introducing her husband as "My Baby's daddy"....... Oh, how proud are Illinoians? (Is that right?)

Going to visit my mate Deb today so will be out of the house and away from all this crap.....

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