Friday, October 29, 2004


I hate being the kind of viewer TV producers/show creators want, but GOD I am one of them! I watched Survivor last night and was OUTRAGED! Scout just is unbelievable. She does NOTHING. She has participated in not ONE challenge. She lost two challenges but is still in! The women are so stupid. She has a dodgy knee, is old and NOW - we found out last night - she is Gay. Not that I have anything against that, but you KNOW if she gets voted off she'll pull the gay card, just as Rory has pulled the race card! Chad has one leg! Has had cancer etc., but he hasn't ONCE mentioned that. He'd be embarrassed! But Rory and Scout, well, thats another story. Oooh I'm pissed. But if you look at Dr Scout Cloud Lee's resume, no wonder she is so tired and lazy, she apparently works hard! Whatever.....

Regis and Kelly
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Well, All the shows are doing their Halloween bits and bobs, Matt Lauer dressed as Paris Hilton was great, but Regis and Kelly do it much better. This morning they were Britney and Kevin, Paris and Nicole, Donald Trump and his fiancee and then Nick and Jessica. Very good! That started my day off pretty well, hopefully it carries on this way!

Oh, and I hate to harp on - but I'm gonna - Scott Peterson is so guilty. I mean, it is so obvious it kills me....... The good thing is that the verdict will be played live and I am home for that! I will not be leaving the house whatsoever all next week (well until the verdict is read). So my friends, feel free to drop off food packages, dinner etc., as when I say I'm not leaving the house , I really meant I'm not leaving my chair.......... and my poor family will starve! :)

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