Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee.............

It's my birthday, it's my birthday, I'm gonna party like it's my birthday........

Well, up early to open my cards and presents, like I'm a two year old - seriously!

I got loads of cards, Estee Lauder perfume and shower wash/gel from Jorge and he's taking me out to dinner tonight (oh and he sang Happy Birthday to me this morning), Thorntons Chocolates (and I've eaten half of them already and it's only 7:00 am) and money from Claire Bear - who only has 7 weeks to go before she is over for here for Christmas!, a book from my mom - I haven't started reading it yet, money from my father in law, another (the same) gift set of Estee Lauder perfume and wash/gel/etc., from Terrin, a poem from Daniel (that includes the lines) -

"It's your birthday and you're 35,
You may be old,
But at least you're still alive"


I am going to my friend Deb's tomorrow to get my gift from her..... (and for me to give her her birthday gift!!!) and I am meeting my other friend Michelle for dinner on Thursday for my birthday. Uncle Graham called me from the Dominican yesterday with Billy Webb and Roy Ingham etc., to say Happy Birthday which was cool!

and as I said I got tons of cards! I love birthdays! I want a birthday every day!

Thank you everyone................... I'm having a great day!

Well, it's still early, I have a full day ahead of me.

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