Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Good day so far, but then it's only 9:50 am!

Well, on my way to my temp job I decided to call my bank about some fees and transactions that had occurred without my say-so. After giving them all the relevant info they required, do you think they sorted my problem out? No! So I did the old "Put your supervisor on" That got my issue fixed and my account was credited, so I am happy about that. I also called TWWCPC (A.K.A. The Worlds Worst Cell Phone Company - Alltel). Got them to cancel a whole bunch of stuff they shouldn't have put on in the first place, and cancle some fees that had mysteriously appeared on my account. I swear, I am so glad I check into these things, you never know what people try to get away with! So aside from those two things, it is sunny outside, I haven't had any calls from teachers, and my van didn't break down. Life is GOOD! So far..... (ever the pessimist! :)

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