Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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So my day went OK for the rest of it...... It DID start to rain later and if I tell you it's brass monkey weather, you'll catch my drift! Winters-a-comin'.

I was looking at other people's Blog sites and I latched onto one guys and it is the funniest thing I've ever looked at! He is one funny mofo! So that was how I spent the majority of my afty. I have tons of stuff I need to do on this site, so as I said earlier, please bear with me!

Oh, I was driving home from work the other day and I'm stopped at a light, and I looked around (as you do) and I saw a woman to my right in her car and she is just sat with her mouth open-jaw dropped. I looked to see what she was looking at and to my left, there was woman in a car openly reading a porn magazine! and I don't mean she was reading the letters page, she was looking at full on sex-in-action full frontal stuff! In broad daylight, not caring who was looking! I turned back to the woman on my right and she was like "Are you seeing that?" What do you say in a position like that? No pun intended! I of course missed the light turning green! :) Thats not something you see everyday!

Came home, went out for dinner and am home in time to watch Lost! Now thats a great show!

Well, I'll catch up with you all later!

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Anonymous said...

This looks like fun! I look forward to seeing your 'thoughts'.........