Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A cold cold day.......

Our furnace isn't working correctly. This is me going out to check my mail this morning. I swear, it is so cold in the house!!!! I am soft when it comes to being cold and I know living in Ohio I'm more or less asking for it, but sometimes, just sometimes, GIVE ME A BREAK!

So, yesterday was a good day, what with it being my birthday and all......

I had my job interview which went OK I guess. Then I had to renew my drivers license (and you can pretty much say that I look like a convict on THAT picture) and I felt it only right to actually put on my correct weight this time, however, I amazingly grew an inch! ;) At my interview they had to take my picture and I said "it won't be the only one - I have to renew my license" and the Chief of Police no less told me your license actually expires the day before. So I apparently broke the law at an interview at the police station. You don't get much more ballsy than that! :)

Went out for dinner (Mexican) last night which was nice then came home and pretty much vegged out.

The big event yesterday (for the Americans amongst us) was the defense resting in the Scott Peterson Case. A HUGE shock, really. Everyone is talking about it and are pretty much saying that the defense should not have put any case forward at all, now they just look like they tried but failed.

I know I have mentioned before but how sick is everyone of the flags in the neighborhood asking people to vote for this and that? I swear, I am going to take a picture and show you JUST how bad it is.

Oh, and could gas BE anymore expensive?

My buddy Deb is sick today :( which means instead of going to her house I have to stay at home and tidy up and do laundry. How much does that suck?

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