Friday, October 15, 2004

5 things that piss me off......

My list is usually longer than 5 but I wanted to break you in gently - then when you get bombarded with a bajillion, you'll be prepared! :)


When you are on your way home from grocery shopping (with a ton of frozen shit) the last thing you need are TWO sets of train tracks a block apart from each other AND BOTH BEING USED!!!!!!!! in rush hour traffic no less.


The Best Buy customer service which is CRAP! If you call it, you automatically get through to the auto-voice system which SUCKS ASS. If you press zero to try and speed things up, a voice comes on and says "While we appreciate you maybe in a rush, we have this menu for a reason so please return to the start of the menu and we are sure an option will become available that suits your needs" And you know what? When one doesn't and you get to the end, they THEN tell you to press * for the operator.


Computer viruses.


Being cold, coz nothing sucks more than sub zero temps. (I know I'm a soft arse and it's practically sunbathing weather!!!!).


People older than 60 driving, sitting so low behind the wheel it almost looks like there IS no-one driving.

There you go. I will have a list tomorrow of things that cheer me up! If you have any comments or have things that piss you off, let me know!

Later gaters

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