Thursday, May 28, 2009


As it is the middle of May, you would expect the weather to be quite sunny and lovely crappy here in Ohio - and you'd be correct in that assumption.

As the following photo shows, storms are currently hitting North East Ohio and aside from their strength, the views these storms are bringing are amazing!

Both these photos were taken at the same time - give or take 5 minutes and the camera settings were identical. I went out last night to take photos and as I was uploading them tonight, I looked out of the window and the entire street was a pinky-orange color! So I unplugged the camera again and went back out.

The rain came down hard so I couldn't stay out long, just long enough! :-)

If there is one thing Cleveland Ohio is good for it is basketball, football, baseball, clean lake water, high employment storms!


Le laquet said...

Shite weather for supposed summertime - you might as well be back in blighty!

Maggie May said...

that is absolutely gorgeous. i could write something fierce in that kind of environment.