Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Life.................

As I was looking in the garage for something (something I never found), I came across boxes and boxes of paperwork and memento's from my life back in England. I'm a pack rat and I'll never change!

Anyway, I came across a package of paperwork from July 1998. In this pack, was a "Personal Profile Analysis" one of my employers had done. I read it and had to laugh out loud - literally.

The first paragraph reads;

"Miss Mason (fnar fnar) has a high level of ambition and drive for accomplishment, with and through people. She is impatient/restless and can become discontented, particularly when things are not happening fast enough. She tends to get bored very quickly once the challenge is gone or once the excitement of a job has been lost. She is competitive, very much a self starter and very ambitious."

Seriously, that is one of the best descriptions of me I have ever read. Who knew that I would be that same person 11 years later! The one line later in the report slays me though and I don't even want to show it to George who will just give me that look - the look that says "Uh-huh!" It reads;

"Popularity in the form of social recognition and monetary rewards to cover expensive living are also highly important to her."


If you had asked me - before I read this report whether I thought I had changed as a person, whether I had evolved from the 'Leeds-Lass', I would have given a resounding "Ya-ha!" Apparently, as far as my 'career' goes, I am still the same. Who knew?

However, when I think of my life, the way I have lived it and the way I currently am enjoying it - because I AM enjoying it, I like to think that I am making the most of it. This world and all of it's awesome-ness* is just too big to live in it and not make the most of it. Hence why I travel and ENJOY traveling. Hence why I am always wanting to try new things.

I don't want to be old and infirm and thinking "I wish I'd done this" or "I wish I'd been there". I want to try everything and anything. Life is exciting. I know sometimes I sit and feel bored but I never EVER regret anything I have done. It's all a part of me, who I am, who I am yet to be.

I like that. "Who I am yet to be......"

The only way my life could be given a better description is as follows................ enjoy!

* yeah - I said it

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Claire said...

Travel travel travel. I'm already getting itchy feet again. Only 11 months to save and I'm back on the road :D

Of course yu'llbe coming to visit me on my next adventure, yes?