Wednesday, April 08, 2009

History of my Blog!

Many many changes have been made in my life lately and this blog has suffered immensely which drives me mad - Other people can maintain blogs so why can't I? *wonders to herself*

I am currently in South Carolina for a week and upon my return I will shortly thereafter be traveling to Amsterdam for 10 days!

However, This blog will - WILL - be updated and on a regular basis upon my return.

Trust me. Have faith in me. Check back with me.

OK? :-)


Faber Optimé said...

I look forward to it!
Hope your trip is a super one. :)
You've not updated this since you came to New Zealand have you?
Be great to see a post about that adventure!
All the best to you and yours from this end.

Michael said...

ACK - you updated....I was hoping you weren't going to because your last post was the perfect sign-off post!

Michael Manning said...

No Worries...You Rock! :D

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Anonymous said...

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