Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hhhhmmmm I'm THAT old?

Yesterday afternoon as I was tidying the house for my party this weekend, I came across a bunch of old VHS videos. Not THOSE kind of videos - I don't have any of those lying around for just anyone to see at all. One of those videos was labeled "Brenda's 40th birthday" - Brenda being my mum. This video was made 17 years ago!

I gathered the kids around, shoved the cassette into the recorder and we settled in.


About that.

Here are a few notes I made to myself while watching it;
  1. OH GOD - What was I thinking at 22 years old?
  2. Eeeewww - my parents are about to make out!
  3. Someone is deliberately asking for Womack and Womack?.
  4. LMAO of at my younger brother Richard trying to dance and chat up the laydeees...
  5. I miss going to the pub and having a good old party and dance and drinking and laughing and chilling with my mates and my parents.
  6. I'm glad my kids are seeing this (both my parents have passed away and they got to see my dad who died 17 years ago who they never got to know).
But the two most interesting things I came away with after watching this video?

Well, first of all, I remember the party and I mostly remember thinking my mum was old. There. I said it. I thought she was old. Then a bolt of lightening bit me in the arse as I realised that "Hang on a minute, I'm going to be THAT old next year! HOLY CRAP!!!!!" I am the kind of person that jokes about getting older but I could care less how old I am really. I mean, worrying isn't going to make me any younger is it? No, so why stress? I don't. But I immediately started comparing myself to my mum and wondered if she felt the same as I do at my age? Did she think that age is just a number? Did she think that deep down inside she was a spring chicken? Luckily my kids told me that I don't act THAT old..........*

The second interesting thing that hit me didn't really spring to mind until this afternoon. Yesterday would have been her 57th birthday. How strange that I found the video the DAY of her birthday. Once I told the kids that they both laughed and thought she must have had something to do with it......

*Yeah - they actually said that!


Gorgeous. said...

Oh it's shocking to realise that you are now as old as your parents were when you were YOUNG if you know what I mean. I remember thinking the neighbor lady was all grown up and had it all under control. She was THIRTY THREE!!!!! that's NOTHING!! that's a mere CHILD!!!! Yikes. Here I am, thirty mumblemumble and I STILL don't have it together. In fact, if you even find it, can you remind me where I left it....

* goes back into kitchen to find chocolate and booze.... *

Michael said...

Oh she most definitely had something to do with you finding that tape!

I'm going to be 40 in two months, I've been telling people I'm 40 for several months now and actually got yelled at for trying to say I'm older than I am.

I don't feel 40, I don't act 40. It's funny because I think the same thing about my parents saying "Oh, I remember when they were this old" did they feel the same way I feel now?!?

I'll be with you in spirit tomorrow - looking over your shoulder and making you giggle at an inappropriate time.