Thursday, December 13, 2007

December Cometh Fast Yet Posts Appear With Less Frequency? Hhhhmmmmm

I don't think I have ever gone over a month without posting have I? Well, all I can do is apologize profusely and of course, have a plethora of excuses at hand :-) I must tell you though that every day, EVERY day I think about posting. Something. Anything. I know people still read my blog because they tell me so and they usually say - and I quote - "I read your blog the other day, you haven't posted anything in a while, is everything OK?"

and usually everything IS OK.

Lately though, I have to say I've been feeling a tad miserable but I just don't know why. I have absolutely NOTHING to be miserable about. Really! Nothing at all. Let me show you exactly what I mean.

Things That Are Good Right Now In Andrea's World

  • My photography website I recently started got off to a good start. 3 prints sold in a week with interest in other prints very high. If you check out Photographs by Andrea you will see it in it's full glory and yes, feel free to order a print - OR TWO - from me! Great value ;-). Remember, Photographs by Andrea!!!!!
  • It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year *ding dong, ding dong* Snow, Holidays, Christmas Parties, Gifts,Gifts, Baby Jesus, Christmas Carols, Turkey, Gifts and all that other good stuff that happens around the latter part of December!
  • Kids! Yes I said it. Kids! Today was Dan's birthday. He is 17. He is also probably out drinking to celebrate *hopes not* and he has had a very good year. You'd think I was describing a fine wine wouldn't you? But really, he has been awesome so I'm VERY happy about that. Georgia is doing fantastically well at school. She recently got an A in math which is something I NEVER achieved and she is just loving high school.
  • Friends! I have been in touch more with my friends back in England, mostly via Facebook but still, we've been in touch. I love it. If you want, add me! I'm under Andrea Knapp. Family too, we've been in touch a lot. Claire just left after a nice three week vacation and George just got back from a long weekend in Ireland after seeing some friends there. All in all, just great.
  • I have discovered and played non-stop Scrabulous, a great new game that, really, I am addicted to.
  • Winter is here! Snow and all that.....

I could just keep listing things that are good and great in the world right now but frankly, there isn't enough time!

Things That Suck Arse Right Now In My World

*tumbleweed rolls by*


and there you have it!

People who know me well have suggested that I may be suffering from S.A.D. and that a light box may be in my future. Who knows? I am seriously considering it though. But that is all that I can think of that would be depressing me.

Let me think about other things to tell you. Oh, my neighbor annoys the living shit out of me. Really. but that is a story I will keep for days when I have nothing else to blog about.

So, tomorrow, same time same place then for that story? :-)

Anyway, I'm running a bath and tonight is the semi-final of Survivor so I want to be all ready for that.

Back at ya later!

Oh, and don't forget to check out Photographs by Andrea and buy buy buy!!!!!

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