Sunday, May 06, 2007

Making The Sick Well Again.........

You know how women always complain about men being big girls blouses when it comes to them being sick? How if they have just a smidge of a sneeze coming they think they have flu? and if they have hernia surgery they act like they've had their legs chopped off? Oh wait. Did I say that out loud?

Hhhhhmmmmmmmm. That's all I'm saying.

This week, I have been able to spend alot of time with George. Precious time. Precious precious getting to know you but now you are starting to get on my nerves time. The trouble, I think, is that he hates HATES being housebound and being in pain is not letting him be anywhere BUT the house. I managed to get him outside on the deck for half an hour but all that happened there was I ended up getting sunburned.

Burn Baby Burn

He wants to sleep and I want to get out of his way as even typing a post is TOO LOUD and whispering IS ANNOYING etc., Fortunately for me, I was scheduled to work on Saturday morning and it just so happened that my shift was the same day as the annual Uniform Inspection!

Uniform Inspection

Today though I managed to get him outside, if only for about 20 minutes before the pain kicked in. We went to the local park, took some pictures;

and hobbled around, got some fresh air then returned home in time for him to take more painkillers and sleep.

Some more.

All joking aside though, and I AM only joking, we have had fun. We realised that we DO actually enjoy each others company. We are even spending time with the kids, which, I have to say is new to me :) We have been playing board games, watching TV (though he hasn't YET managed to catch on to Dallas or The Office try as I might) and just chilling.

"Prove It!" Sequence Dealing

Eventually though he will have to go back to work and I will miss him loads.

Loads and loads.

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