Monday, April 02, 2007

That's Dallas, Southfork Dallas Baby.......

Getting Ready for The Trip Of The Year

As you can see, I am getting prepared for the trip Georgia and I have been anticipating for a few months now!

Friday, we fly out to Dallas Fort Worth Airport for a two night stay at the Southfork Hotel, and a couple of visits to the actual Southfork Ranch wherein we will dine at "Miss Ellie's Deli", and will see such delights as "TGTSJR", Lucy's wedding dress, but even more exciting than that, we will get to see this landmark picture, hung in the Ewing Living Room.

If they sell replicas of Jock Ewing's picture in the gift shop (and if they don't they SHOULD) I am getting one. Stella already ordered one for her living room! Oh, if you want me to send you an authentic postcard, FROM Dallas, feel free to e-mail me your address and I will TOTALLY send you one!

Aside from me just wetting my knickers at the thought of BEING in Dallas, nothing else is happening.

Really. Well, something is coming up at the end of April but I'm not ruining THAT surprise and my now-news of Dallas by telling you!

But don't you just wish you were coming with? Oh I KNOW you do!

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