Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring Spring Spring Spring.......................

Isn't it amazing how just a few simple things like Sun, Warmth, Friends, Beer and oh, did I mention Sun yet? can completely change how you think, how you feel on a daily basis, just making you feel cheery?

Well, this weekend I had a chance to indulge myself, sampling all the above and let me tell you. Right now? Nothing could make me feel miserable or down in the dumps.

Michael came for the weekend after enduring the Megabus for over 7+ hours and when I saw him, it felt like I had only just seen him the day before and not the eons that have actually passed since we last met. We managed to get a lot into this brief weekend, and it helps that we are on the same wavelength! We took pictures of EVERYTHING, sang (well I did), played a great game that Michael almost won but didn't *collective aaaaaaawwww* and ate and drank our way to regaining the 20lbs I just lost.


It is times like these, that I remember how lucky I am. Lucky to have the friends that I do, the husband that I do and to be able to live where I do and how I do.

Lucky Lucky Lucky......

I am so happy about life and stuff right now that I can't even compose a post about anything else, so I shall just drink in the feeling, get drunk with the feeling and tomorrow or in a few days from now, wake up with a hangover from the feeling and be back to the miserable beyotch you have all come to know and love.....

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